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"SERVING THE PEOPLE WHO SERVE OUR COUNTRY" Is Not Just Our Motto, it's Our Passion!
We Truly Love What We Do, and Appreciate the Opportunity to Serve You.

Jane — Portland, OR
"Dear Title IV Services. I wanted to thank you and your staff (especially Liz) for your help. My loan balance is actually higher than my mortgage, and I haven't been able to make a single payment since I took these loans out years ago. I thought I'd never get anywhere. I've actually lost many nights of sleep just trying to figure out what to do. For the first time since I graduated college, I have been able to start making an affordable payment on these loans, and I have hope of retiring without this huge burden. A weight has been lifted. Keep doing what you do."

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Title 4 Services Public Service Loan Forgiveness Assistance

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Toni — Evanston, IL
"Title IV Services has been a tremendous help to me, financially. Shannon, my counselor, is very knowledgeable about Student Loans, and the guidelines in taking the necessary steps, as well as providing you with the assistance you need to better understand the available programs. Being a new retiree, Title IV Services has helped me a great deal. They have the compassion to help people like myself, not only financially but personally, which means a lot."

​​​Angel - Citrus Park, FL.

"I was in Wage Garnishment when I called this company. I was referred by a friend, and really didn't think there was anything I could do to stop it because I had already been around in circles with the Collection Agency. My Loan Counselor, Keith was great. They were able to get my Wage Garnishment stopped, and even found out that the Collection Agency had been violating my rights for months! Thanks to the fantastic staff at Title 4 Services, I am now 100 Percent DEBT FREE! Can't thank you enough!"

Toby — Palm Harbor, FL

"When I found this company, my loans were in collections. I tried working with the Collection Company, but they would only accept payment in full. Just wanted to let management know how much I appreciate the help from Liz. She was great, and solved my collection issues. I am no longer in collections, and have a manageable payment. Thanks for your help. Great company. Would recommend you guys to anyone."

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See What Other Borrowers Have to Say About Their Experience with Title IV Services